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Meet Raj

Apostle | Survivor | Campaigner | Ambassador | TEDx Speaker | Public Speaker

The abuse started quickly!

Welcome to the inspiring world of Raj Holness, a testament to the incredible journey of resilience, faith, and transformation. Raj's story begins with a challenging upbringing in a Sikh family, where she faced severe abuse from her own relatives. This adversity could have shattered many, but for Raj, it became the catalyst for a remarkable journey of self-liberation and discovery. In 1997, she made the courageous decision to leave her parents' home, stepping away from the shadows of her past and into the unknown.


Raj's trials didn't end there; she soon found herself in an abusive relationship, yet another hurdle that tested her strength. But it was her profound spiritual awakening in 1999 that truly marked the beginning of her transformation. Embracing her faith wholeheartedly, Raj embarked on a mission to serve others, channelling her painful experiences into a force for good. Her autobiography, 'The Only Arranged Marriage,' published in 2006, was the first of many steps toward helping those in similar situations find their voice and strength. Her ordination as an Apostle in 2023 is a testament to her unwavering dedication and spiritual growth.

Raj Holness is more than her titles and achievements; she is a beacon of hope and a source of strength for many. Raj's roles extend beyond her ministry; she is a loving wife, a devoted mother, an apostle, a survivor of abuse, a fervent campaigner for those suffering in silence, an inspiring TEDx and public speaker, and a recipient of multiple awards for her contributions and courage, offering support, restoration, and healing. Her life, a vivid illustration of the transformative power of faith, continues to inspire and empower others to rise above their circumstances. Raj's journey is a compelling reminder that through resilience, faith, and determination, it is possible to overcome the darkest of pasts and emerge as a powerful force for change and hope.

My Approach

I openly share my personal journey as a way to bring attention to the issue of abuse and provide support for survivors. I stand united with all who have experienced such pain, dedicating my life to inspiring hope, offering a path to independence for those feeling perpetually trapped, and extending a hand of friendship to the isolated.

Let's turn pain into strength together and ensure that no one else has to suffer in silence.

'The Only Arranged Marriage' Extract

My perpetual unhappiness forced me into the arms of a man, who, having just escaped one prison, was about to force me into another…

The abuse started quickly.

Controlling, manipulative behaviour soon escalated into the deep thud of a fist to my face, and multiple sordid affairs. But he apologised, said it would never happen again. He’d ‘change’. But it did happen again. Over and over again.

He told me I wasn’t good enough for anyone else, that I was lucky to be with him.

And then the moment that was to change my life happened…

He kicked me. Punched me. Strangled me. His hands gripped round my throat; I felt the life leak out of me. In that very moment, what I can only imagine was inches away from my death, I did something that terminated my association with my heritage for good.

I prayed to Jesus. His grip loosened, as if a force was pulling his fingers back to base. I got up and ran. He didn’t follow.

And so it was, I found my new faith; a faith that eventually lead me to realise my place in this world.

My place always was and always will be to fight for the victims of domestic abuse – to help end their suffering by inspiring them to break their silence.



National Entrepreneur Awards – Most Inspiring Business Person of the Year Finalist 2020
Asian Womens Award - Social & Humanitarian Finalist 2020
CITI Microentrepreneurship Award – The Social Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2020
Universal Peace Federation - Women of Excellence Award 2018

Forward Ladies The National Highly Commendable Inspiring Leader Award 2017

Forward Ladies The Midlands Regional Inspiring Leader Award 2017

MBCC Charitable Business Fundraiser Award 2017

Community Champion Asian Business Award 2016

West Midlands Woman of the Year 2015

West Midlands Most Inspirational Woman 2015

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