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Raj Holness

Survivor | Campaigner | Ambassador


Tedx Speaker | Public Speaker 

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Raj Holness

Hi, I’m Raj

Survivor of domestic abuse, forced marriages and attempted murder

Over 20 years I stayed silent. Not because I had nothing to say, but because I was told I would die if I did.

Having barely escaped with my life after horrific acts of domestic abuse and sexual violence, plus two failed forced marriage attempts, all committed by the people I was meant to trust, my own family members and then suffering abuse and attempted murder and at the hands of my ex-partner, I stand here today proud to have taken back the voice that was so viciously stolen from me.

TEDx Talk

Why Me?

You never think it will happen to you. That’s the thing about abuse. It’s the thing that happens to other people, but never to you. I was broken after a decade of emotional, physical, sexual and financial abuse. I looked at challenging the question ‘Why Me?’  



National Entrepreneur Awards – Most Inspiring Business Person of the Year Finalist 2020
Asian Womens Award - Social & Humanitarian Finalist 2020
CITI Microentrepreneurship Award – The Social Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist 2020
Universal Peace Federation - Women of Excellence Award 2018

Forward Ladies The National Highly Commendable Inspiring Leader Award 2017

Forward Ladies The Midlands Regional Inspiring Leader Award 2017

MBCC Charitable Business Fundraiser Award 2017

Community Champion Asian Business Award 2016

West Midlands Woman of the Year 2015

West Midlands Most Inspirational Woman 2015



Raj is a inspirational speaker, and one that is sought after for a variety of events.



The shop has Raj's autobiography and journal


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